Time management... we take it so seriously that we waste it very easily.

Everything taken at a serious note creates anxiety and we end up doing nothing but worrying. 

Things taken sincerely help us to work better.

I never thought of time management till date because I never felt shortage of time. As I restricted myself to my hospital & my family till 2012, I never knew that people feel frustrated & mostly are having shortage of time.

I started going out for parenting sessions & various meets after April 2012. I got to know many people sharing the same goal. Having a common field of interest, it happened many times that we needed to talk on phone.

Coming to the main point, whenever I get a phone call from someone I always have time to talk or give a call back. But the reverse is not true.

Same thing happens with even my friends, relatives & others. My friends in town & outside, my fellow in town & my relatives are in shortage of time every now & then. Too much of this made me reflect on my routine & my psyche. I found few things which I would like to share with you.
  1. God has created me with 'n' number of potentials. That does not mean I SHOULD use all of them. I can read, I can write, I can give a speech, I can teach, I can cook, I can shop better and the list is long. This is not my story. This is the story of every woman. We want to do everything that we know. It is not possible to cope with everything & that results in frustration & feeling of guilt. 
  2. I have seen that women are very strong & efficient but when it's time to take decision they are the worst people to deal with. Time management depends greatly on your ability to take quick & thoughtful decisions. The factors influencing a woman's decision are; 
  • What would be X's decision ( This X can be her husband, friend, neighbour, her son/daughter's classmates's mom, in-laws)
  • What if my decision turn out to be wrong.
  • Would I be able to take the responsibility for the decision taken.

    3.  Inability to decide the priorities. This is again influenced by the external factors. I have       seen moms going very much in right direction as per her requirements & suddenly changed the route just because someone else was doing something different.
    4.  Confusion. There is too much to do & less time to complete. This happens as there is no clarity. We need to know 'what' & 'why' before every task. What am I doing & why am I doing.
    5.  No personal time spared to relax, to chill, to do nothing..!
    6.  Those who are housewives at times feel inferior to working moms & disrupt time and energy to show themselves busy.
    7.  The reverse is also true. Working moms at times feel that having NO TIME is something            prestigious.

We have become slaves of the emperor named TIME.
You may feel that I am contradicting my previous statements, 

  • Our children work best in prefixed schedule.
  • Early intervention is the key to success.
Yes, I still agree & I want all the moms to work with their kids in fixed & predictable schedule & start as early as possible but that does not mean that you need to run behind the monster. 
We need to value time. We all agree that TIME is the most precious thing that one can have. Now tell me how do we handle the valuables & precious things? We handle them with care, we use them judiciously, their presence give us happiness. 
If I have a diamond & I see someone having a bigger diamond, do I throw mine considering it useless? Don't use your time relatively. It is entirely your possession & your art to use your precious possession will take you to the top.

We have certain compulsory time bound assignments & we need not complaint about them. There are always two options, either its a compulsion or a choice. When compulsion, anyway we have to do it so do it with joy & when it's a choice naturally we are going to enjoy!
Here is the secret of happiness. Your choice is the real deciding factor for you being a slave or master of TIME.

  • I can cook & possibly am the best in family but chose not to cook daily & devote more time for my other priorities.
  • I can shop better than anyone else in the family but I chose not to shop routinely.
  • I can afford the fees of the best school in town but I chose the school for my children according to their requirements & my ease.
  • My child can learn swimming,skating,yoga,marshal art, drawing, dance & computer but I chose swimming(just an example, it can be anything) as of now.
These are some of the examples about making choices in our routine life.

Make clear choices & use your time judiciously. 
The tendency to act as per others choice creates anxiety. 
The competitive comparison eats your brain & time. 

Focus on your resources & abilities.
Make a list of things you need to work for your child. 
Weigh according to your child's readiness & ability. 
Prioritize, make a choice & start working. 
Do listen to people  giving suggestions, do search for any updates available but choose as per your & your child's need. 




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