Cough-Cold & a child with DS

Cough-cold & child with DS Running nose, noisy breathing, disturbed sleep, nasal block, irritability, fever, watering of eyes....I know these are the major concerns of all the parents reading this article. Let us first understand the 'WHY?' Why our children are prone to Respiratory Tract Infection? 1.      Small nose & low nasal bridge leads to smaller & narrower nasal cavity. As there is less space for inhaled air to flow freely, child learns to breathe through mouth. This eventually results in poor clearance of dust particles & germs. High arched palate 2.      Macroglossia (big tongue), high arched palate & weak oral muscles lead to tongue protrusion that further adds to mouth breathing & its disadvantages. Mouth breathing 3.       The disadvantages of mouth breathing are; ·         Dryness of upper respiratory tract: The entire respiratory tract has an outer most layer that produces mucus & keeps the en


Why 'Raising the bar'? While going through Down Syndrome awareness program for doctors I prepared many posters and one was 'Raise the bar'.  We all have an ancient habit of drawing lines. If not actual then imaginary. Lines that limit our towns,districts,states,nations... lines that separate one person from another...lines that decide one's limits! All these lines are not actual but are inside us & so vary according to the consciousness within. We are not aware of the power within. We are not aware of the endless potentials lying within. Because of being ignorant of self, we put a bar & decide a limit on our own. We not only stop by limiting our own selves but continue doing the same with others especially our children. Palak, my daughter, has always proved us wrong. She got an inclusive environment since birth & could use her potentials to her fullest when given a chance. Since last 2/3 years, we are constantly asking ourselves "D


Time management... we take it so seriously that we waste it very easily. Everything taken at a serious note creates anxiety and we end up doing nothing but worrying.  Things taken sincerely help us to work better. I never thought of time management till date because I never felt shortage of time. As I restricted myself to my hospital & my family till 2012, I never knew that people feel frustrated & mostly are having shortage of time. I started going out for parenting sessions & various meets after April 2012. I got to know many people sharing the same goal. Having a common field of interest, it happened many times that we needed to talk on phone. Coming to the main point, whenever I get a phone call from someone I always have time to talk or give a call back. But the reverse is not true. Same thing happens with even my friends, relatives & others. My friends in town & outside, my fellow in town & my relatives are in shortage o