We had a session for poem recital and the subject was 'Devotion'. I enrolled my name; I wanted to grab this opportunity to pass on my gratitude towards the ALMIGHTY. Since I met my husband Piyush in 1983, I strongly believed that I am GOD'S favourite child. Each passing year made my belief stronger. In 1992, Palak was born.....I looked up with tears in my eyes and cursed HIM. I felt like being cheated....I wanted to cry loudly...I wanted to ask HIM why he kept me under illusion for these many years..!!!

I was a fool...a selfish creature...unable to understand HIS kindness....but HE stuck to HIS promise...HE continued showering HIS blessings on me...& years passed I realized that HE has given us all that HE had....!!

HE sent a pure, pious & saintly soul who changed our lives efficaciously. When we look back we feel contented & happy. We lived to our fullest...each moment we spent...we spent with love, affection & concertedly.

To express my thankfulness, I wrote few lines. I wrote in Gujarati, my son made this English version. There are five pairs of lines & in each pair the first line depicts my inner churning before getting purified & the second line is the nectar eventuated.        

Devoted to you..

Who? From where? And why? Now seems to be least


Those golden moments of the small, ethereal, gentle

footsteps of my little angel.. Devoted to you..

No more conflicts between escapism from sadness and

the pursuit of happiness..

The endless shower of exuberance & bliss.. Devoted to you..

The brawl of who I am or who you are, has now

become a past..

The ocean of energy lying deep within.. Devoted to


Blaming God or getting agonized by others was a waste....

The enlightened soul full of benevolence.. Devoted to you..

This is mine & that is yours, affection for me & pity

on others??

The existence, beyond discernment.. Devoted to you..



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